The 6 Figure Stylist


The 6 Figure Stylist™-Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business ; Creating Success by Design

No one can deny it: the old beauty industry is BROKEN and GONE FOREVER. It will never be as it was. In its place a NEW ERA has emerged. Clients have power and are more skeptical than ever in their decision-making. Ordinary products and services will result in failure. The good news is that for those who understand it and who make the decision to understand how it works; they will have businesses that are more profitable than ever.

Do you know that there’s more profit out there for you to make but not sure of how to get it?

Do need answers to how to make your business succeed in this questionable economy?

Have Eager Clients Calling & Begging For Next Day Appointments!

Let’s grow your business…

…starting with the best new book for Making Money and Creating Success as a professional in the beauty industry…

The 6 Figure Stylist ™ Secrets for Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success By Design is a must read book for truly remarkable members of the beauty industry who are looking to take their business from ordinary to extraordinary! This is your starting point for creating a very profitable business, a lifestyle of freedom and true wealth.

Marketing Expert Jaye Renee’ lays the ground rules and foundation for the explosion of your business.

: The 6 Figure Stylist™  is not for everyone. You should not purchase if:

  1. You are closed to new ideas and different ways of thinking
  2. Your business is “perfect” and cannot be improved
  3. You make the mistake in thinking that your business is “different”

If however, you are ready for new ideas or even in need of a fresh perspective

This comprehensive and easy to understand book will:

* Introduce you to the New Era of the Beauty Industry & how to succeed in it
* Teach you to get new clients & keep them for life
* Reveal the #1 Desire of clients in this New Era
* Show you how to build a better business with hypnotic profits
* Tell you who REALLY has the most power hands in the world

Jaye Renee’ is a recognized expert on the Beauty Industry. A highly sought after educator, speaker and consultant she has been seen in or on USA Today, Black Enterprise, NY Daily News, International Business Times, CBS and more. A truly gifted entrepreneur, she is dedicated to helping people serious about success improve quality of their businesses and lives, helping them turn ideas into dollars and red into black on their bottom-line.

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